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Hi my name is Johann Helgason. I live with my wife in Hafnarfjordur a suburb of Reykjavik Iceland. We have been together for 23 years and have two children, a boy born in 1997 and a girl born in 2002. We also have a cat named Mosi, which means Moss in Icelandic, the name was given to him by our daughter because of how "mossy" his pelt was as a kitten. 

As for info on myself, I guess I am a landscape photographer and got serious about photography in 2005 when digital SLR cameras were finally coming into the realm of possible for ordinary Joe´s like myself, price vice.
My first camera was, at the time, the fantastic Canon EOS 20D and since then I have owned several Canon DSLR´s but currently I use a Fujifilm XT2 and DJI Phantom 4 pro with various accessories.

My photography interests include landscapes, weddings and special occasions (for friends and family), Portraits, Food photography, macro etc.... Obviously it goes without saying that I photograph my family extensively as well and since we like to travel as ,much as possible so I guess travel photography is on the list of interestsa as well.

Two years ago I got myself a drone and was instantly hooked on aerial photography and video  and have since added aerials to my favorites along with landscape photography.

Sveifluhals aerial view
Sunset over Powerplant

 I am lucky to live in one of the worlds most amazing countries in regard to landscapes, so it is no surprise that I try to take advantage of that and go out to make pictures when I can.Despite my interests in various forms of photography, landscapes are my photography passion and in particular Icelandic landscapes. I absolutely love being outside, out in nature, up on a mountain, by a waterfall or what have you. I love both being there both with other photographers or completely on my own. Each circumstance has its appeal. Being on your own with nobody around and just untouched wild nature surrounding you is difficult to explain to anyone that has not experienced that personally, my best try would be in saying that there is some calming effect to it and an amazing state of wonder, you feel both so alive but at the same time so very small.

As much fun as it is being on your own, going on trips with people with similar interests is just as rewarding, being able to share with someone tips and tricks you have picked up and learn some things in return. For that reason I really enjoy going on trips, short or long with others be they fellow photographers or just my family. 

My photographs and videos are available for prints or licensing and if you are interested send me an email to johann@pictureiceland.com or use the contact link in the header and fill out the form.

I am also available by request to do shorter private photography tours and if you would like to look into the possibility of acquiring my services please send me a message at the same address as listed above.

I hope you enjoy looking around

Jóhann Á. Helgason