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My name is Johann Helgason. I live with my wife  since 1999. in Hafnarfjordur, a suburb of Reykjavik Iceland. We have two children, a boy born in 1997 and a girl born in 2002. We also have a cat named Mosi, which means moss in Icelandic, the name was given to him by our daughter because of how "mossy" his pelt was as a kitten. 

As for myself, I love all kinds of photography but my passion is landscape and travel photography. Seeing as I live in Iceland most of my photographs of landscapes are from  Iceland which is reflected in the choice of name for my site. It does however contain some photos from my travels despite the name.

For me photography is a hobby, a passion and a way to document what I see and do. I love nature, love being outside and experiencing the wonders that it has to offer, sunrises, mountains, seascapes, rivers, waterfalls, all of it.

My gear is mostly not important, I feel I can get great images with what I have at hand, I have shot pictures I love with my phone. But for those that are interested in that,  I used to have Canon cameras, the last one being the EOS 6D, a fantastic camera that served me well. 

I have however replaced it with Fujifilm gear. The reason for my switch, in short, is because the  X system has fantastic IQ but mostly the cameras and lenses are smaller and lighter which makes a great deal of difference when hiking up mountains and out in wild nature.

Recently I also added to my kit a dji drone for aerial photography which brings a whole new angle to every location. 

Sveifluhals aerial view
Sunset over Powerplant

 I am lucky to live in one of the worlds most amazing countries in regard to landscapes, so it is no surprise that I take advantage of that and go out to make pictures whenever I can. Despite my interests in various other forms of photography, landscapes are my passion and in particular Icelandic landscapes. I absolutely love being outside, out in nature, up on a mountain, by a waterfall, on the beach or out in the fields. I love being out there with other photographers or completely on my own. Either has its appeal, being out on your own with nobody around and just untouched wild nature surrounding you is difficult to explain to anyone that has not experienced that personally, my best try would be in saying that there is something very calming and soothing to it and it creates an amazing state of wonder, you feel both so alive but at the same time so very small.

Photography is about sharing, sharing the images we make, the time we spend making them, tips and tricks,  locations and other secrets, opinions and last but not  least good times.

My photographs and videos are available for prints or licensing and if you are interested send me an email to johann@pictureiceland.com or use the contact link in the footer and fill out the form.

I am also available by request to do private photography tours, where I share locations and my knowledge of photographing in Iceland. If you are interested in  acquiring my services please send me a message at the same address as listed above.

I hope you enjoy looking around

Jóhann Á. Helgason

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